Monday, March 07, 2005

It's Been A While

Well it's been a while since my last post, but it's been quite of an interesting month
Today was quite a nice day, decided to go for a crazy walk downtown from Islington and Bloor, took me and my buddy about 3 hours, but it was hell of a walk, we went to texas style of restaurant forgot the namefood was great, but the highlight was trying tequila shots for the first time, well tequilla is the only hard liquor I liked, we wound up having two rounds

Last month I got fired, wrongfully, but not much I can do about, a well I'm job hunting right now, butI needed change in my day job anyways
well Feb 18th i had a really fun gig in waterloo, great people with a great energy which equals great vibe, I decided to play one of my productions, and was in for a surprise the crowd reacted beyondmy expectations, the feeling i felt was unexplainable, definately motivating. I know I promised to postsome samples, and I'll try to do it by tomorrow

"The Notebook"
One of the best love stories I've seen, definately touched me, great acting too, it's been a really long timesince I've seen such a good love story one of those that makes you cry

Ladder 49 however wasn't the greatest good acting but a week plot, everything happen to fast and the ending wasa bit too obvious
cheers everyone


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