Friday, January 28, 2005


Finally it's here :)

My new production zen is officially complete, I'll try to have a link to a sample by tonight, oh, and en-Trance, which is our promotion alias, have just annouced a weekly show residancey on Internet Radio and, you can check ok the sounds of myself and Richard Taylor, plus we'll be having lots of great guest mixes, the show is 3 hours long and airs every wednesday starting at 9 pm(Eastern GMT-5). You can check out

Well I've seen another movie couple days ago "The wake of death" with Van Damme, no need to beworrying about spoiling it here, the movie was terrible!, bad acting, really bad story line, I have no clue what I was thinking when I rented it

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Another Movie night

well just saw "The Village" expected some scary horror movie, and whatta suprise, a nice twist, and story of power of love :) really liked it,

that's that for tonight, now time for production :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

In Good Company

Just seen the movie at first I had second thoughts about it, but after it sank in, and overall the movie was great, no worries not gonna be spoiling it, but the theme of the movie was astonishing, it deals with living a life and doing what you love, and how it defines who you are, and how hard it can be to make those decisions. The movie made me think of my life since what I want to do in life is a risk, and sometimes it's hard especially when some people around you tell what you should be doing, well it's a great theme in a very simplicistic movie, something really simple this society forgets about, doing what you love, and not just for the money or bigger a house :).

ZEN, my newest production almost complete, finished the structure of it, just improving quality and adding extra sounds, soon I will have a sample for a preview :) length of it is 8 minutes and 42 seconds.



Monday, January 24, 2005

Gig in Quebec City

The gig was on November 12th, 2004 last year, well i just got this blog setup so I'll share my thoughts a little late.

Quebec City

Very european looking, small streats, detailed buildings, really nice, I couldn't beleive what I've seen and it's here in Canada. Most people spoke only in French, but nevertheless they treated me nicely :)

The Party

The party started at 2 am with Seven Ways who played one of the best opening sets I've yet heard, at 4 am it was my turn, and wow did I have a blast, the crowd was interactive, and dancing, what more as a dj can you ask for, had so much fun dancing it out in the booth it actually got me tired after 2 hours :)

those are the two only pics i got from the party

Then at 6:30 Voiz came on, and continued the trance, and wow blew my mind away, after not sleeping for over 24 hours at that moment i couldn't help but join in and dance :)

Here is my tracklist

01. 8 Wonders - promo

02. promo
03. BBE - 7 Days & 1 Week (shane 54)
04. Fractal Structure - Lost Sequence
05. Euphonic - asia
06. Chicane - Saltwater 2002(Thrillseekers)
07. Cor Fijneman - Healing (Instrumental)
08. Firewall - Kilimanjaro
09. Cern - The Message(Northern Mix)
10. Tiesto - flight 643
11. Crystal Lake - Never ending fantasy
12. Wolfsheim - Wundervoll(Blank & Jones)
13. Fire and Ice - Lost emotions
14. promo
15. 8 wonders vs airbase - serenity
16. 8 wonders - when worlds meet
17. Legend B - Strings of life
18. 8 Wonders - the morning after(8 wonders' at teh stroke of midnight mix)
19. Rapid Eye - Absolut (8 wonders' no return mix)
20. Fractal Structure - Lost Sequence (8 Wonders passage into the unkown)
21. Mojado feat mr sam - Narajana
22. promo

23. Alex Morph - supernove
24. Crystal Lake - Deep Rising
25. Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel

well i'm sure you all noticed lots of 8 wonders in there :) what can I say he's my fav producer :)

Overall, that gig definately made a difference for me, it reminded me of why I love dj'ng.

Peace Love Unity



Just rented this movie ... and was totally suprised by it, really good one, nice twists and story :)

Friday, January 21, 2005

New Track

I've nearly completed my newest production yet, it's titled zen, and after thinking about it my producing alias will be e-motive :), the song has to do a lot with how i'm currently feeling, finally i have created something that represent my state of being

soon i'll post a link for a preview

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


This is my first post on a blog ever :) will just have to see how much i'll be willing to share